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Mr. Biden, his Beloved Mama and the Trees


“What I wrote in the book is as a fan of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats.  Writing about his Ireland, he said, “Too long a suffering makes a stone of the heart.”  What I wrote here is that every day, Israel makes a lie of the poet’s words — ”too long a suffering makes a stone of the heart” — because for world Jewry, Israel is the heart.  For world Jewry, Israel is the light.  For world Jewry, Israel is the hope.  If anyone ever wondered about that, they ought to take the tour of the museum.  They would not doubt it again.  The word — phrase “never again” is used so often it almost has lost its meaning.  But, again, all you have to do is walk through — walk through Yad Vashem and understand how incredible — how incredible the journey has been and the spirit a world Jewry and that Israel is such a central part to its existence.”

Source emphasis mine


To start with, Mr. Vice President, in spite of your Irish origins (more about your beloved Irish Mama and her trees in Palestine, later) and in spite of being a ‘fan’ of him, you have misquoted Yeats. What the famous Irish poet actually said was,

Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart”

Yeats said “sacrifice” not “suffering” Mr. Biden, and there is a heck of difference between the two.

Not least is that, while ‘sacrifice’ is a willful act by the party involved, ‘suffering’ may be willful in some cases but it is mostly brought on by others. So, while the Jews may well have ‘suffered’ needlessly or otherwise in their ‘incredible journey’ to building their Yad Vashem on stolen Palestinian land, to say that the Jews have ‘sacrificed’ will beg the question: what, or whom did the Jews actually ‘sacrifice’?….and the obvious answer will be of course, the Palestinian People, …and that is not exactly what you wanted to allude to, was it? So you willfully or otherwise, have bent the Irish poet’s words.

And, Joe, about these trees which your 30-years long friend Netanyahu said that ‘they’ planted in honor of your beloved Mama who ‘watered’ your love to Israel and who was ‘proudest’ of you when you were ‘working with and for the security’ of Israel-  please Mr. Biden take a look at these old Palestinian mothers and grandmothers who watered their trees since their childhood with their own love and care for years and years, only to see them uprooted and destroyed under force of arms by your ‘friends’, who in turn saw it fit to ‘sacrifice’ the Palestinian trees so that Biden’s beloved  Mama’s trees may flourish in their place.


I beg to differ Mr. Vice President: Israel is the living embodiment of the Irish Poet’s words, and his words ring so true if not in Israel then all over Palestine. There is a limit to what a people can sacrifice and still remain human, and your friends know this only too well, hence they have you and everyone else in your administration and half the leaders of this planet working round the clock ‘with’ and ‘for’ their ‘security’.  

Your beloved Mama may rest assured that you still have a long way for her to become even more proud of you.