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“If they have something that we want, we call them enemies and we take it”

That’s the bottom line of Avatar.

That’s also the story of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon, Iran.

On April 3rd, 2002 the Jewish  ‘Army of Saints’  had a go at the city of Jenin in Palestine. Having lost 23 of their ‘saints’ in the attack they went blood-mad and completely bulldozed part of the refugee camp burying the refugees under the rubble, in what has become to be known in Palestinian history as the “Jenin Massacre”.

The film “Jenin Jenin” directed by the Palestinian Mohammad Al-Bakri tells the story of this chapter of Zionist war crimes against the Palestinian population under occupation. The producer of the film, Ayman Samoudi was killed by Israeli soldiers, shortly after work on the film ended.

After watching “Avatar” the other day, the ‘home-tree’ idea gave me a strong ‘de ja vue’ feeling and it was not just the strong connection between the ‘Navi’ being uprooted by brute force same as the Palestinians, but also the image of the ‘home-tree’.

Then I found it in “Jenin Jenin”, in the clips below.

I strongly doubt that James Cameron ever watched “Jenin Jenin” but the similarity of the imagery is  very strong.