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“Stairway to Heaven”

Eugenio Merino’s sculpture “Stairway to Heaven” caused a stir in Madrid at the art exhibition ARCO 40.

I first saw this at

Nice artwork, yes?


I popped over to have a look at Eugnio’s website, …and what did I find?
…I found this:

..it seems the nasty old Zionuts  already got at you with all that anti-semetic bla bla stuff, dear Eugenio, didn’t they?…..
Poor guy. It is ok, we understand- it is hard enough for an artist to make a living as it is, without having the Zionut  wolves  clutching at your neck.  But it was a very brave go all the same. Nice art indeed.

Until his website is back to normal, here is a link to some of his works and a critical review,

Personally, I like his stuff :))