Their ‘Saints’ come first!

On July 27th, Yedioth Ahronot published an article on their site written by wisdom doling and truth revealing Eitan Haber.

After blabbing on rather boringly and irrelevantly about his days as a correspondent on the Syrian borders some donkeys’ years ago, and after going from there on to blackballing the Breaking the Silence group of soldiers of the Army of the Jewish State, Haber comes to the main statement of his piece of Zionist wisdom, “cruel” as it may be: that civilians die in war because

 “IDF soldiers seek to safeguard their own lives, and their own lives are more important to them than the lives of others.”


IDF' Saint' aiming gun at Palestininan child


‘Others’ here mean, presumably, and only as an example, the 6500 or so civilian ‘devils ’who were killed and wounded in the space of three weeks by the Saints of the  Jewish Army in the ‘Cast Lead’ offensive on Gaza, last December / January, at the cost of a couple of Saints or so.

Not content with dishing out only wisdom to his readers, he goes on to enlighten his Zionist crowd with truth, the truth, about cases of civilian deaths by this Jewish Army of Saints:


“The IDF, and that’s the truth, examines each and every such case, draws conclusions, and at times punishes more severely than other armies in the world. When one of these days we’ll gain access, for example, to the tales of the US Army in Iraq, it will turn out that compared to it the IDF was like a monastery inhabited by saints.


 Well, Mr. Haber …..there is one saint in your Army by the name of Captain (Now Major) R who happened to empty the magazine of his M16 in the body of an already wounded 13 years old Palestinian girl, which Captain received the ‘severe’ punishment of 85,000 shekels in compensation plus a promotion to the rank of Major for his saintly deed.

Yes, one of these days, we will have access to the tales of the US Army in Iraq someday, but we already have  good access to horrific child-killing tales of the Army of the Jewish State and of that little bit of ‘extra care and attention’ which its ‘Saints’ employ when dealing with Palestinian civilians and in particular children, which make the bones of every Saint that ever lived rattle in their graves.

 One of these days peace and freedom and justice will rule in Palestine, that day will be made by, not in a small part, people like Breaking the Silence no matter how hard Zionut spin doctors like Haber try to push it further away.

Finally ..Mr. Haber reminds us:

It’s a good thing that we are talking, that we are drawing conclusions and learning lessons, and that we are investigating and indicting, and punishing. However, we need to say this to ourselves: The life of an IDF soldier is immeasurably worthier than the life of an innocent victim, whose death we should genuinely regret.

dead palestinian babies

‘Immeasurably worthier’, no less!
Yes….the families of these dead children and …Jilad Shalit will be happy to read this, won’t they…?


Needless to say, my small reminder about Iman Al-Hams in the comments section to Mr. Haber’s article went unpublished.



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