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About Iman

“Iman” is the Arabic word for “Faith”.

As in English, it is a girl’s name too.

Iman was a girl who lived until October 5th 2004, when her life was ended at the age of 13 by the Army of the Jewish State, cynically called ‘IDF’ -Israel’s “Defense Force”…


About this Web log

Iman’s death shocked me, the shock still reverberates in my life. I feel it every day. The circumstances  leading to her death never went away and they are getting worse. Every day.

I never knew Iman  or heard of her before October 5th 2004 but she started life for me since that date. This Web log is in her memory and the memory of all children killed by the Army of the Jewish State.


About the Artwork

It is by the late Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout.
The bigger one is from the painting “The Will to Live is Stronger” and the smaller one is from “The Olive Tree”.


About Me

I enjoy reading, swimming and music.


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