Eric Cantor is Anti-American

Mantiq al-Tayr

Cantor the Anti-American

Another bumper sticker for you all courtesy of the tuyuur at Mantiq al-Tayr


Eric Cantor took an axe

And gave this country 40 whacks.

And when he saw what he had done

Off to Israel he did run

1. CNN is such a joke. I only go to their site for sport. And today, as usual, they came through for me.

Get this headline – but put your milk down first:

Government shutdown: GOP moderates huddle as conservatives set agenda

GOP “moderates”?  Fuck you Wolf Blitzer and company. Virtually all of these assholes voted to shut down the government on the pretext of Obama Care. But that isn’t what this is all about, it’s about Israel.

So, who are these moderates?

Well one of them is Mike Grimm (Hitler Youth, New York).  He’s a hardline Israel-Firster and Islamophobe with some pretty serious Israeli-criminal connections. You can check those out

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